Who am I?

My name is Ahmed Awad. I am a software developer with more than 12 years of experience developing software including Server, Web and mobile applications. Software is my career and my passion. I am a freelancer located in Baltimore, Maryland. With my experience and my network of software developers and graphic designers, I can get any project done.


Software Development

Develop any new project, or help finishing existing projects.

Web Development

Whether you need a new website or need to modify existing websites.

Mobile Development

Mobile development for Android and IOS.

Digital Marketing & SEO

Provide Digital Marketing and SEO services to new or existing projects.


Can help you sell your products online and reach to more clients.

Logo Design

Provide graphic and logo design for your business.

More about our services

Why To Hire Me?

  • My Experience.
    You will be working with an experienced and knowledgeable software developer. I will be able to provide you with the best solutions for your project and business problems. Even if you are not sure exactly what you need or how to handle your business problems. By working with me you make sure you can get the work done with satisfying results.
  • High quality well tested products.
    I put in a lot of time and effort testing the  project and verifying the functionality to provide high quality products.
  • Flexible for change.
    I write code that is flexible for change and can be extended to build on top of it if needed.
  • Reasonable pricing.
    I provide good pricing according to the size of the project. Just let me know your budget and I will give you the solution that will fit your budget. Even if you found better price than my price, we can always discuss it and I can tell you what are you missing with the cheaper price or match the price.
  • 100% customer satisfaction.
    I will make the changes that is requested as long as it is clearly specified, reasonable and within the budget. My target is the satisfaction of my customers and I will do what it takes to make it happen.
  • Responsive design.
    My website designs are responsive which means that it should work on any device and screen size. (desktops, tablets, mobile phones and others)
  • Product Support.
    I provide free 6 month support until I make sure that the product is stable and the customer can use the product. After that I provide paid support per support ticket or per support contract. I also provide reasonable pricing for support.
  • Easy to work with.
    You will find me easy to work with and honest. I will let you know if I found that you are over estimating the ROI for your project. I aim to provide a high quality product that you can use and matches your expectations.
  • Documentation.
    According to the project, I provide documentation (if needed) that describes how to use the product.
  • You own the code, so I deliver the code with the project.
    Some clients request the source code to be able to extend it on their own. I have no issues providing the source code upon request as long as my copyrights are reserved. If you have other needs, you can discuss it with me and we can work it out.